Bergin & Bath- Needle Felting Creatures Bumper Kit

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This is the most luxurious needle felting starter kit packed full of high-quality, cruelty-free natural wool and FOUR sets of instructions. Needle felting is the ultimate mess-free craft. It is suitable for all ages and abilities and can be learned in a few minutes. No fancy equipment is needed so you really can start creating amazing animal models in no time. Packaged in a stylish display box, this kit includes a beautiful selection of fibres, hand-picked for making all sorts of sweet little creatures, and four sets of step-by-step photographic instructions that show you how to make a polar bear, a pair of cute mice, a hedgehog and a lovely little owl. There’s enough wool in the box to make all of these and much more! Inside the box, alongside the wool fibres, you will find THREE different specialist needles, a felting mat, eight pairs of eye pins in four different sizes and a lucky dip bag too - this will have a random surprise in it to inspire your projects.