Jack The Yak's Stitch Cords

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Jack The Yak's Stitch Cords are a must-have for all knitters! When you need to hold stitches for a sweater sleeve, want to try on a garment without losing your stitches, or work a provisional cast on - they got you covered! 1 X 60 inch, 2 X 30 inch cords come in a silver tin and there are 4 colours to choose from. 

The end of the Yakety Yak Cord squishes firmly over most size needles, from US 0 (2mm) to US 15* (10mm). After it is attached to your needle tip, simply slide stitches on to the cord so you can try your garment on. When you are done, push all of the stitches back onto the needle and pull off the tubing. Also great for trying on smaller accessory items like hats, gloves/mittens, socks, etc.

* Fitting may depend on amount of pressure used to get the cord onto your needle tip. Larger size fittings generally are achieved on more pointed tips. 

Should your Yakety Yak Cord become bent or misshaped, simply place into hot/boiling water for 20 seconds for full recovery.